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 Permeable Concrete Paver Pictures



 Simonsdale Elementary School
Simonsdale Elementary School in Portsmouth, Virginia installed an environmentally friendly parking lot when they constructed a new school in 2011.  Located at 4841 Clifford Street, Portsmouth, Virginia 23701, which is across the street from City Park.  Phone 757-465-2917, Fax 757-465-2918  Permeable pavers allow the stormwater to drain through the openings between the concrete pavers allowing the water to seep back into the ground instead of running into the storm sewer and taking contaminated into the Chesapeake Bay, thereby keeping a cleaner bay today and tomorrow. 


   Permeable Concrete Pavers  Permeable Pavers for a Parking Lot  Parking lot with permeable pavers  
    Parking lot spaces painted on the permeable pavers at Simonsdale Elementary School    
   Permeable Pavers Picture  Permeable Pavers  Simonsdale Elementary School Permeable Pavers  
  Permeable pavers can be painted, as above, to show the crosswalk for students and teachers   Looking across the parking lot of permeable concrete pavers  

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