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Concrete Landscape and Patio Pavers

Pictures of pavers featured in a variety of situations from residential pavers to commercial pavers.  From a small patio or gazebo paver job to large environmentally friendly permeable pavers.

Jamestown Settlement in Jamestown, Virginia
Near historic Colonial Williamsburg

Turfstone Pavers at Jamestown Settlement

Jamestown Settlement Permeable Pavers

Permeable Turfstone Pavers

Permeable Turfstone grass concrete pavers used at the Jamestown Settlement in Jamestown, VA

Overflow parking at the Jamestown Settlement using Turfstone concrete pavers

Looking across the newly installed permeable grass pavers

Gazebos with Concrete Pavers

 Gazebo with concrete patio pavers  Gazebo at Sunrise in Richmond Virginia with patio pavers  Picture of pavers in a gazebo at The Parke at Manakin Woods

 Sunrise Senior Living Center in Richmond, Virginia.  Gazebo with concrete pavers.

Concrete patio pavers in a octagonal Gazebo at the Sunrise Senior Living Center. 

Square gazebo in Goochland, Virginia in the subdivision of The Parke at Manakin Woods. 


 Residential Concrete Patio Pavers

 Residential paver sidewalk  Concrete pavers with circular pattern

 Rear patio with sitting wall

Residence with paver sidewalk that wraps around the house.

Rear patio with circular pattern built into the sidewalk paver.

Rear patio with concrete pavers along with a sitting wall.

 Rear patio connected to garage area with walk way  Patio with bar  Patio with sitting area

 Rear patio that wraps around the side of the house into the garage area.

Patio with pavers and an outdoor bar for your summertime enjoyment. 

Residential patio using concrete pavers and with the addition of a siting wall. 

Randolph Macon College, Ashland, Virginia 

 Brick Paver Memory Walk
These beautiful red brick pavers have the names of the graduates from RMC.  The bricks are made by Brick Markers USA who is the inventor and sole source of the exclusive patented Vitralase and Vitrix laser engraving processes. These processes use a high power laser system that provides a continuous flow of intensive laser energy that produces a deep volume of hardened glass, providing a permanent shiny black (other colors available) engraving.

 Brick pavers made by Brick Markers USA

 Randolph Macon College memory walk

 Brick paver memory walk at RMC

 Just after construction for the memory walk looking toward the Pace-Armistead building.

 The Pace-Armistead building at one end of the memory walk.

 Memory walk brick paver circle at Randolph Macon College in Ashland, Virginia.


 Looking toward Thomas Branch building at RMC



  Looking toward the Thomas Branch building at RMC in Ashland, VA


 Permeable Pavers


Residential driveway with permeable pavers


Permeable Pavers at Simonsdale Elementary


 Residential driveway with permeable pavers using a basket weave pattern.

Parking lot of Simonsdale Elementary School using permeable pavers.



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