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Home Builders , Home Contractors and Construction Business Companies 

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Industrial applications for segmental retaining walls

Allied Concrete Products, LLC

  • Allied Concrete Products
  •  Contractor: Allied Concrete Products
  • Block Type: Anchor Diamond Pro, beveled face, gray color
  • Location: Willis Road, Richmond, Virginia

 Allied Concrete segmental retaining wall  Anchor Diamond Pro retaining wall  Allied Concrete Diamond Pro beveled gray block  Retaining wall crew
End of wall, showing the Sleeve-it fence sleeves behind wall. Opposite end of the retaining walll made with Anchor Diamond Pro block View of retaining wall at Allied Concrete Products, LLC. Picture of the crew who constructed the dry stack retaining wall.

Allied Concrete Products retaining wall   Aeriel Picture of Allied Concrete Products

Aeriel and long range pictures of the Allied Concrete Products, LLC's new state of the art manufacturing facility in Chesterfield County, Virginia; and the dry stack block segmental retaining wall.  The retaining wall can be seen in the aerial photo just below the tree line.


  • Contractor: Solite
  • Block Type: Anchor Landmark
  • Location: Buckingham County, Virginia

 Solite manufacturing facility  Solite manufacturing facility  Solite manufacturing facility
 Solite manufacturing facility  Solite manufacturing facility  Solite manufacturing facility

The Solite lightweight aggregate manufacturing facilty in Buckingham County, Virginia.  Anchor Landmark segmental block was used in the construction of the walls.