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The Anchorplex™ retaining wall system offers a unique, nonconventional solution to difficult-site wall construction problems. The Anchorplex system is a retaining wall built with Anchor™ products and self-compacting structural backfill that meets Anchor Wall Systems, Inc.’s specifications, and that is backed by engineering support tools developed by Anchor Wall Systems.  It’s often possible to build an Anchorplex wall in situations where traditional geogrid reinforcement isn’t an option because of lot lines, rock outcroppings or other obstructions that limit excavation.  If poor in-fill soils are your challenge, using the Anchorplex system can reduce your construction costs.  For wall heights less than 11 feet or so, Anchorplex walls are almost always more economical than machine-placed “big block” walls – and are always better-looking structures.  Finally, the Anchorplex system can dramatically reduce excavating costs. When building with geosynthetic reinforcement, the excavation depth behind the wall is typically 60 percent or more of the height of the wall. With Anchorplex wall construction, that drops to between 30 and 40 percent, depending on conditions. 

How The Anchorplex™ System Works

When used in combination with blocks of the appropriate shape, the self-compacting structural backfill attaches itself to the wall facing, effectively extending the depth and mass of the facing. The structural backfill zone also serves as the required drainage zone directly behind the block facing.  The Anchorplex™ system completely eliminates the need for the construction of a mechanically stabilized earth zone behind the wall facing and requires substantially less excavation than is usually necessary in a grid-reinforced wall construction project.

These projects can be built with smaller equipment, less manpower and better production rates than conventional grid-reinforced walls. While Anchorplex structures are typically greater than 3 feet high, they have been built to heights in excess of 15 feet.  Because of these efficiencies and the design flexibility afforded with this system, millions of square feet of Anchorplex retaining walls have been installed.

   Anchorplex™ Material Specifications

Structural Backfill

Use an approximate 6:1 or 7:1 ratio of aggregate to cement (by weight). The mixing ratio (by weight) of water to cement
should be no more than 1:2.

Facing Block Component

The following Anchor™ retaining wall products can be used to build Anchorplex walls:

• Diamond Pro Stone Cut® products
• Diamond Pro® products
• Highland Stone® products
• Diamond Stone Cut® products
• Diamond® products


To learn more about this system or to download the specification, construction details and estimating charts, visit the For Professionals section at




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