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Swimming Pools and Retaining Walls 

 Swimming pools and retaining walls go hand-in-hand in the residential or commecial setting.  They may be used as a border with planters or in some cases the retaining wall may be used to hold up the swimming pool, either way, they look great together.  The patio and apron of the pool side can be either concrete or brick pavers.  Any homeowner would be pleased with the value these walls add to their property.

 Swimming Pool with Bradstone retaining wall  Bradstone retaining wall at end of swimming pool  Planter retaining wall using Bradstone block by swimming pool
Retaining wall in the backyard with swimming pool in Prince George County, Virginia.  This pool uses concrete as the patio. Bradstone retaining wall with concrete steps and apron at the end of a swimming pool with landscaped planters. Backyard residential retaining wall in Prince George, Virginia used as a swimming pool border with plantings.
Swimming Pool and concrete paver and retaining wall Concrete pavers, retaining wall and swimming pool  

Swimming pool surronded by concrete pavers and flanked by a Redi-Rock retaining wall, Cold Storage Lofts.

Retaining wall in background with a swimming pool at the Atrium Lofts at Cold Storage, Richmond, Virginia 
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