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Bract Retaining Walls installs Anchor Wall Systems Products for your residential or commercial retaining wall.  Below is a brief description of the products offered by Anchor.  Bract Retaining Walls primarily uses either Anchor Diamond Pro or Anchor Landmark series of block.  See our Residential Retaining Wall Pictures, Commerical retaining wall pictures, Paver picturesHow to build a retaining wall- check out the Anchor How to page and the Rockwood How to page

 Anchor Wall Systems Products

  Anchor Highland Stone®
With three widths, two heights, and a 12-inch jumper to mix and match, this multi-piece system features the look of natural stone beauty without sacrificing stability. For larger, taller retaining wall projects requiring a landscape contractor, Anchor Highland Stone can be designed up to four feet without reinforcement. The popular, patented Anchor rear lip is built into the blocks in each system for accurate, fast installation and a structurally sound design.

Anchor Highland Stone® Free-Standing Wall
The Anchor Highland Stone® Free-Standing Wall mirrors the look of Anchor’s Highland Stone® retaining wall products in terms of the earthen colors, rough-hewn texture and multiple-piece system. In addition to matching the appearance of Anchor Highland Stone retaining wall blocks, Highland Stone® Free-Standing Wall is also very easy to install.

Anchor Aspen Stone®
Created with a rough-hewn face and earthen colors, Anchor Aspen Stone adds natural charm to any outdoor space. For do-it-yourself homeowners, the lighter-weight Anchor Aspen Stone system makes their yard the envy of the neighborhood with decorative retaining walls, tree rings and raised flower gardens up to two-and-a-half feet tall.

Anchor Windsor Stone® The world’s top do-it-yourself retaining wall block, Anchor Windsor Stone retaining wall blocks define and beautify outdoor spaces, help stop soil erosion and maximize usable yard area. They add interesting colors, patterns and textures on curved or straight retaining walls, planters, tree rings and terraced gardens.

Anchor Diamond Manufactured to the highest quality standards, Anchor Diamond retaining wall blocks are beautiful, economical and long-lasting. Available in straight and beveled three-way faces, the blocks are perfect for walls up to four feet, allowing easy design of straight or curved retaining walls or terraces.

Anchor Diamond Pro® Anchor Diamond Pro blocks combine the advantages of the renowned Anchor Diamond block with greater square footage per unit and a one-inch, or seven-degree, setback. Available in beveled and straight face styles and with optional cap or step unit accessories, Diamond Pro is ideal for architects, engineers, specifiers and contractors who want solutions for larger projects.

Diamond Pro™ Stone Cut™ Series With its proven performance and legendary strength, the Diamond Pro is one of the most-specified retaining wall systems in the industry. Now, the Diamond Pro Stone Cut Series offers the same reliability with the beautiful, natural look of quarried stone, available in three widths. With the Diamond Pro Stone Cut Series, you can enhance the overall aesthetics of any engineered project – commercial, government, or residential site development.

Anchor Vertica® and Anchor Vertica Pro® With today’s soaring land values, vertical tall walls made of Anchor Vertica blocks offer flexible retaining wall solutions, helping to conserve land without requiring a significant investment. For non-reinforced gravity wall applications, Anchor Vertica walls can be built up to three feet.

With their deeper design, Anchor Vertica Pro blocks offer all the benefits of Vertica blocks, with the added advantage of being suitable for larger commercial projects that require walls up to six feet in height.

Anchor Landmark System The Landmark System features a unique positive mechanical connection between the block and reinforcement material that provides unparalleled strength for tall and high-load-bearing walls. The system also features a unique vertical shape and is a cost-effective solution because it efficiently utilizes the strength of soil reinforcement materials.

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